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So i choose this platform to do some online social activities and telling about my story. To tell everyone that i still alive, lol.

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I feel more better and loner at the same time but yeah, its the tradeoff of my decision.

Maybe i'll be back at the platforms when i ready. But i think it will be a long long time.

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I've told to almost every of my close friend, but their response always seeing this problem as a normal problem and they think i can resolve it easily.

So, i think its better to keep it alone. Then i think decreasing my online social activity can reduce it, and i do it till now.

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But the main reason or the biggest problem i've got is that i always worrying about everything, about love, career, and tomorrow.

My mind always thinking the negative side of my decision and then i postpone the implementation.

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Information fatigue is one of problem that i want to recover with disabling almost all of my social activities in online world.

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My recent toot has gone, lg ada problem min @rizaldy?

the coc plugins are more powerful than vscode intellisense i guess 🤔

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Despite it's complexity, idk why more comfortable when using neovim. Maybe more light than.. ehmm vscode.

Sehingga nanti ketika ayahmu bertanya berapa gajiku, kan ku ajak beliau keluar rumah lalu berkata

"Apakah bapak dapat melihat betapa banyaknya air hujan yang sedang turun saat ini?

Ya, sebanyak itulah gaji yang saya terima"

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Kalau kamu kelak mengajakku bertemu orang tuamu, aku akan menyanggupi dan berangkat ketika hujan turun.

Enjoying watch asmr programming rather than tutorial, keebs sound are more interesting than person voice explaining about the topic 🤣

But also feels more exhausted at the same time.

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idk why i always feel more easily getting into focus state when using neovim rather than vscode.

Dilema gue sebagai user iphone baru

"Feel genggam bodynya enak bgt, tapi kalo ga dikasi case nanti kenapa-napa"


Mau nonton gundam witch from mercury karna lagu op nya dari yoasobi ✌🏻

Activating my signal messenger again, now telegram will be on my laptop only.

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